Camp Skin and Bones (Continuation)
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“Who cares?” Tiffany yells.

She runs to the outhouse and opens the door. Flies buzz and Counselor Davis’s corpse is found. Everyone starts screaming until they saw Tiffany. She had a long, wet streak down her leg.

“Ha. Ha. Great. First, the only adult here is dead. And NOW, this nasty bitch pisses herself.” Tina rants.

“SHUT UP BITCH.” Tiffany yells back.

“Make me.”

Tiffany hits a roundhouse that sends Tina flying. Everyone is standing in shock at this. Tiffany is normally calm. They don’t even know what she’s here for.

London runs up to a knocked out Tina.

“YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT.” she yells, laughing. (Friday reference, breathe it in maaaaaaaaaannnnnn.)

Ronny picks up his unconscious girlfriend and walks her into a cabin. Raymond is scrambling for a way out. The gate that they entered in was padlocked.

“What the fuck? When was this padlocked?” asked a confused and angry Raymond.

“I’m scared Stevie.” London said.

Shelly and Tiffany enter the kitchen. Shelly attempts to speak to Tiffany.

“What happened out there?” Shelly asked.

“I taught a rude rude young lady a lesson.”

“You never get mad like that. We don’t even know what you did to get here.”

“I smashed a guitar over a kid’s head. He called me a bitch. That is the one thing that makes me mad.”

Before Shelly could respond, a bloodied worker runs up to them
She’s covered in slash wounds.

“Get out of here. HE’S GONNA KILL YOU.” she said.

Before either if them could ask who, an arrow is shot through her chest. The worker fell dead. Tiffany caught a glimpse of the ghost.

Outside, Raymond, alongside Stevie and London are looking for an exit. As they search, they hear Tiffany scream. The trio run to the kitchen. Inside, they see Tiffany and Shelly screaming, but nothing else.

“What’s with this screaming?” asked London.

They walk toward them and see the ghost.

“What do you seek, you uninvited spirit?” asked Raymond.


The ghost phases through the ceiling into a cabin. The cabin that Tina and Ronny were in. Tina is just now regaining consciousness.

“What happened?” she groggily asked.

“You were hit with a roundhouse by Tiffany.” Ronny replies.

“Did I fight back?”

“Yeah. You were winning too.”


Just as they were about to kiss, the ghost axes Ronny in half. Tina watches as the ghost possesses Ronny’s top half and crawls toward her. She springs to run out of the cabin. She runs into the kitchen and meets the others.

Just as she reaches London, Ronny’s top half jumps on her and snaps her neck. Everyone is in horror. Suddenly, Ronny’s half falls lifeless. Tina’s body stands up and reveals red, bleeding eyes.

“What’s going on?” cried Shelly

“THE ULTIMATE VENGEANCE. I will possess a body and use it to murder the rest of you. GET READY. The game starts now.”

Without hesitation, everyone starts running. The ghost is in pursuit.

“What do we do?” said London.

“Let’s split up. He can’t get us all at once.” Raymond suggests.

“No. We stay together. Power in numbers.” Tiffany said.

“Let’s split into groups. Group one is London, Stevie, and Tiffany. Group two is me and Raymond.” Shelly announced.

A possessed Tina appears and decapitates Stevie with an ax. London fights Tina, gets knocked into a wall, and seemingly killed.

However, the rest fled during the fight.

With Tina in pursuit, Shelly, Raymond, and Tiffany run for their lives. They run into a cabin.

“We should be safe for now. ” Shelly exclaimed.

Tina finds them and stabs Raymond to death with a knife. Tiffany and Shelly narrowly escape. After they exit the cabin, Raymond’s body is now possessed. Shelly finds out, but is too late warning Tiffany.

Tiffany is strangled by a now possessed Raymond. Shelly runs to the shed and finds a shovel. She swings and hits who she thinks is Raymond.

“OW. WHAT THE HELL?”London yelled.

“Sorry. Thought you were someone else.”

Raymond walks up to the duo. Shelly whacks him until he falls lifeless.

“Huh.” Shelly utters.

Tiffany’s possessed body appears and slashes London’s throat.
Shelly finds out that Raymond survived his attack. Shelly climbs the gate and runs into the road. A police car pulls up and almost hits her.

“You alright ma’am?” The officer asks.

“Everyone is dead. Get me far away from this place.”

“Sure thing ma’am.”

Shelly gets into the car. Once she gets in, the officer removes his glasses, revealing bloodshot red eyes.

“GAME OVER.” The possessed officer yells.

The car drives back into the camp.


Post – Note: Here’s the rest of the story. I accidentally uploaded an incomplete draft and couldn’t take it off. Enjoy and tell me if I could do better. Just don’t be negative. Sure, my stories aren’t the best, but please don’t be an asshole about it. P.S. Due to negative reception, I will make shorter stories. Thank you all.

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