Behind Evil Eyes
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I notice a dim light in the distance of what seems to be a dark and foggy hallway. It thought it was strange and mysterious that I find myself here; and I was wondering why? This felt like a near death experience; I was sure I was not dead, at the least, I did not think so, but I hoped that I was. It would mean my family would be on the other side of that flimsy illumination. A spent about five minutes getting my bearings and I begin walking towards the light. As I do, I look at my hands in this darkness and I can barely see them. I can see that they are dripping with blood. I think to myself of what I have done to be here; Or how did I get blood on my clothes and hands? Unfortunately, I do not have that luxury to speculate; I am walking aimlessly, stuck in this prison of perdition without any reason, or a way out. I continue to walk towards the light, but to no avail. It continues to move away from me, as if it does not want me know its secrets. The fog is getting thicker and a smell of charcoaled incense is in the air. I think that the light is beginning to dissipate. Now I cannot even see my hands in front of me. What is going on with me?

In the distance, I see the faint light return and turn from white to a glowing blue. The fog is still heavy, but I can see it, small and glimmering; I can hear a faint humming coming from it now. I start to get a little uneasy, anxious even as I hear it getting louder and it is getting brighter. I step back a step and it begins to come at me; the speed of it is uncanny. I turn to run, but it is too late. It immediately appears in front of me, two big azure eyes looking at me. I feel that it is looking directly into my soul. I am stricken with terrible fear. I hear a deadening sound from a distance, and it is getting closer. I am looking into the eyes of what I thought to be God.

“Is my wife with you my Lord? I ask it. “My kids?” However, there is nothing coming from the ethereal apparition. The noise is now much louder and the eyes seem to be getting brighter; if that is at all possible. It almost sounds like flapping; yes flapping that is what it is I hear coming towards me. I look behind me and in the fog; I see a dark cloud heading this way. It is getting bigger and bigger and my fear has now turned to dread. I look back towards the eyes, but they mysteriously vanished. The noise is almost upon me as I scream out.
They are bats thousands of bats fling past me, striking me with a terrible force, biting me, stinging me. The pain is unbearable. I cry out to the entity that was just here; “Help me!” I shout out one more time and a brilliant light flashes and stirs me back to reality from this terrifying nightmare.

By Dino Zonetti

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