Be Careful Late At Night!
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Be Careful Late At Night!

They started to come out of the woods. A light on the porch drew them like a beacon. The sound of water churning in the hottub not only blocked out the moans of the undead but also drew them closer.

The woman on the porch was oblivious to their shambling approach. Her husband, having to work the next day, had been in the bed for hours. Her son was awake, but had his headphones on to hear his PS3 game without waking his father.

The woman had just got through watching another zombie movie and decided to relax in the hottub so she could finally go to sleep. She was sitting back with her eyes closed thinking about how lame the zombie movies were getting. Maybe I can read my new book she thought!
The jets went off, meaning their 20 min cycle was done.

Just then she heard the dog bark! Then a moan reached her ear! She scrambled for her glasses ( she always places them on the side of the hottub) as she looked up! Standing at the porch gate was at least 3 horrible looking things (she hesitated to call them people). I’ve lost my mind she thought. This can’t be real! The dog started barking crazily! The woman began to scream and rushed through the sliding door into the living room just as the gate gave way!

The shambling things could sense the smell of fear radiating off of the woman. Their intensity heightened as the sliding glass door slid shut blocking that sweet smell of fear.
She began to scream as loud as she could, trying to waken her husband.
The dog barked and growled then as if it knew there was something not quite right about the things climbing the steps to the deck.

There were only four of them able to stand. There were two others dragging themselves over the gravel, their legs having rotted away. Without the nourishment of live flesh their bodies were falling apart.

As the uprights reached the glass door, bright lights illuminated the screaming woman, a yapping dog, and 3 cats.

The son, hearing his mother’s screams, came running down the stairs from the second story, grabbing his gun and his taser on the way. As he approached his mother he couldn’t believe what he glimpsed behind her through the glass of the door! Luckily for her family, the creatures’ state of decay was such that they were not having any luck getting through the tempered glass door.

Thinking quickly, the son ran to the front door, looked out and decided his course of action. He ran back towards the kitchen to the basement door. While rushing down the stairs he loaded his gun. Throwing open the outer door, he crept out and made his way to the back deck. Something reached from the grass and grabbed at his foot. He stomped his boot down…hard! Crunch! A head collapsed, body no longer dragging itself over the gravel. Then a second hand reached out, clawing, trying to gain hold. Another quick kick and it no longer moved.

He saw four “things” clawing at the handle of the sliding glass door. He could still hear his mother’s screams and see the look of terror on her face. He quickly fired 4 shots. All to their heads! They fell down silent, their moans quieted!

Just then Dad came out of the bedroom! “What’s going on out here?” The woman couldn’t say anything as shock began to take hold of her. Shaking uncontrollably, she sobbed and fell to the floor!

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