Am i my own Death?
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Should I go down there? Was the only thought on my mind, at the time. Soon I found out that I shouldn’t even be here. But it was to late…

My mother told me not to go to close to the woods, and stay close to the house. Of course for a little girl I don’t even care what she says. I joyfully walk down the daisy path that leads me to the small ponds. I look into it and see me. I laugh and giggle, then suddenly it was like my feet were moving on there own.

I ended up at the woods, the eerie old woods. I close my eyes tight and fall to the ground. slowly I open my eyes to see a big dark hole. It was beautiful, purple sparkly. I go in for a closer look, should I go down there? The ground began to move and I fall in, my body aching. I cold not breath, my breath was gone. I close my eyes, the pain was unbearable. Then I black out.

As I open my eyes, I felt a sharp pain on my chest. When I realized what was upon my chest I quickly scream. I was a knife. Pushed into my chest deep, I gasped for air, but I blacked out again.

I quickly open my eyes and grabbed my chest. Nothing was there, no blood, no nothing. I look around and slowly lifted my self up. With carefulness I walk around, slowly. It looks like the woods in which I fell into. Then my feet pushed me again. I ended up at my house?

I walk up to the door knock three times and said ” mummy, I’m home, open the door mummy I missed you”

The door creaked open, and AHHHHHHH, I scream. what I was looking into was not me, or is it, was it a copy a mirror? I pushed my hand out it did too, we touched. Boom it was like a big blow to the chest, a lightning bolt to the heart. I stumble backwards, then again I black out.

Once I open my eyes up I see my mother looking down at me. “mum, mummy, where am I am I back home?” ” NO NEVER WIL YO RETRN HOME, NEVER!”

Jumping out of the bed pretty loudly screaming bloody murder, I ran out the door. That thing was not my mother, her voice I know what it sounds like that was not her.

I ran far away from that horrible place. not looking back, but that thing she ran after me. I heard her heavy foot prints behind me. I tripped and fell, why do things go horribly wrong with me, I’m only eight. I do not want to die. I bleed it hurts really bad, someone please help me!!!

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  1. Kayli says:

    if yo like my story i will write my other parts of it there are 3 other parts this is 1/4. please like it

  2. Avatar of Hyper Hyper says:

    This was the best story ever. Love you!

  3. Kayli says:

    Alone so it seems is not my story it is HyperKittty’s she says thank you though -Dusty read this story

  4. Johnny.Tiggs says:

    Grammar shaky, story might be better served in past tense. Fear is good. On scale from A to F a C. CAN ANYBODY TELL ME HOW TO GET shortnscary TO RELEASE MY STORIES???!!! THEY WONT STOP PBLISHING MY STORIES!!! LET ME GO SHORTNSCARY!!! [email protected]

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