Am I Asleep or Awake?
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Most people love to snuggle up in bed to sleep, not me, not started last month.I lay in the dark ready to drift away into dream world, when something didn’t seem right.almost as if I was not alone.
I shrugged the feeling off knowing I was all alone and had been for a few now I knew every sound my house made, all the creaks and so forth.
Tap…tap… My eyes began to full with treats of dread as I heard a faint but prominent tap on the window.”what is that?” I asked myself.I looked out of the window….nothing but miles of empty country and a solitary tree lit only by moonlight.I blew this off as a mind trick and got back in bed.
TAP…TAP…. This time a bit louder than the last. I got a bit worried at thus one could be there I live miles from anything.the hair on my neck stood on edge.something is in here I could feel it. I felt cold and I got up to take a look out again I saw a shadow in the corner of my eye.
BANG!BANG!BANG! this tome I knew there was something there at my I looked through the window a reflection grabbed my attention, it was my own face but with no eyes or hair punching at the window.I knew what was happening now, as I turned around an enormous thud hit me hard on my head.I saw the vile smelling creature that had tormented me in the it showed it’s face it smiled with the ugliest pointed teeth, and red glittering hateful I stood in terror it poked out both of my eyes gleefully and smashed my window and disappeared into the night.

I then woke up realising it is all a nightmare only to find tears of blood running down my face.I have this dream every night since the I crazy? Or in hell? all I know is I am not safe.I lay awake now watching the shadows and listening for the warning balanced on the edge of my sanity, forever wondering if thus time I don’t awaken from thus hellish slumber that had been forced on me fir what seems Ann eternity.if yo are reading this tale there is only one logical conclusion,I am no longer in the world of the living. My message to the reader of this my final communication with anything if yo have the same dream I have been cursed with, don’t let it take yo away.fight it….with all your might.I am ppaying the price for my weakness along with every other soul thus demon had taken.don’t be like me, don’t spend eternity… HELL

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  1. Avatar of Simon olding Simon olding says:

    Just a quick draught off the top of my head. Sorry for the grammar my spell check ssux. A bit disappointed, cocould have done a lot better with this story guys

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