A 15 Year Old’s Story(18+)
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My name is Rihanna. This is my story on how my life ended at the age of 15 years.

I was the “new kid” at Fredrick Houtoun School. I made friends easily. My new BFF is Cassandra. I have long blonde hair and blue eyes. For a 15 year old, I have nice figure. The school has started, and it went pretty well for the 1st day.

After 5 hours of school, I went to home. I told my mom about Cassandra and all my new friends and how my day was and what happened.

3 months later, I was in school doing normal stuff during school. When I was in Spanish class, I was on my phone the whole time, so after class our hot teacher, told me to stay in class.

“Uh..hi?,”I say “Am I in trouble?”Rihanna,lay on the table now,” I lay on the table confused. He puts something on my feet and hands to the point where I can’t move at all. Then he stuffs a cloth in my mouth and attached a string to my ear and cloth. He then grabbed a scissors and cuts my pants, short and underwear.

Mr.Fernandez was over me, touching me everywhere. I tried to scream but I can’t. “You so sexy Rihanna. I will uhh.. f*ck you,” He then does what he says. He takes the cloth out my mouth then hurried and puts his d*ck inside my mouth.

20 minutes passed and he finally lets me go. I was crying. I walked towards the door but he grabbed my arm and holds my butt. “You are going to tell expose me. I can’t let you go baby. I’ll have to kill you,” “NO! I promise I won’t tell Mr.Fernandez! I swear! Please! I won’t even tell anyone, ┬áplease I want to live!,” I cry.” Okay but if you say a word to anybody, You will die without any warning, no chances nothing. Baby don’t disappoint me,”He then lets me go after kissing me one more time.

“*Mr.Fernandez raped me,” I cried while whispering it to my teacher. She cries. When the math teacher isn’t looking, I look at the door and see Mr.Fernandez looking at me from outside grinning. I gasp.

The next day at school in Mr.Fernandez’s class, I have to stay again. “You thought I was lying huh?YOU THOUGHT I WAS LYING HUH?!?!” He grabs the sharpest knife I ever seen. Then light goes away for me. I was dead.

“Cassandra stay in after class you are very distracting,” says Mr.Fernandez while having the biggest grin ever.


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