6/6/6: The Day of the Devil
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My names Allen Scott. I was a weapon manufacturer at General Dynamics in Saco, Maine. When I say “was”, I mean before the whole world went completely insane. It’s 6 days before the Day of the Devil. When it was 66 days before 6/6/6 people started coming down with weird viruses that had people eating each-other. Originally they thought it was Bath Salts or LSD. Then they thought it was cocaine. Man were they wrong. It was none of these. In fact it was the work of the devil. I’m not one of those super Christian people. No…. I have proof. He’s come to the survivors and told them that if we surrendered he would let us live in Hell. We said no. I guess he didn’t have enough power to touch us at the time, but in 6 days he will. I wonder what will come today. I grab my shotgun walk outside to another usual day. “Zombies” walking around eating corpses, burning buildings from failed military firebombings, and demons. Wait demons? That’s new. They look just like morphed animals from earth. They should get an imagination. I’ve read about these. They’re called familiars. They each have masters who created them.
It’s my shift for daily zombie control and I guess Demon control too. “Hey!!! I’m over here, come get some!!!”, I yell. Three familiars and a Master run at me. The Master is full of holes and has 8 arms, no legs, he’s floating, and venomous spiders where his heart should be. His first familiar looked like a baby with mouths on his hands and feet. The second familiar looked like a dog with lady hands for paws and a crocodile head. The third looked like a rabbit just over-sized. It takes 2 shots into each of them to kill them. They just turn to dust after. The Master was just 4 shots. “Wow, this was easier than I thought it would be.”, I said triumphantly. My shifts over and out comes my best friend Guy Jordan. We’ve been best friends since 6th grade. “Good luck out there.”, I say “The demons take 2 shots, the Masters take 4.” “Thanks Allen.”, Guy said shaking like a maniac. Looks like Guy can’t wait to get his hands dirty today.
Guy’s one of the lucky ones in Hell (what we call earth now). His parents died before any of this. Both died in their sleep. I had to watch my parents, wife, and kids get ripped to shreds and eatin. By the time I killed the Zombies the only ones left alive was my wife. Her intestines were ripped out of her stomach. A couple yards away I noticed a dead Zombie half smiling with a piece of her intestine hanging out of his mouth. Of course I put her out of her misery. Then I curb stomp the Zombie’s head not caring that I got his brain and blood all over me.
After that I went to find Guy and we started a survivor group. We put fences around the building we’re currently in. The house we’re in used to belong to my kids friend Richard. He lives in a green house across from a convenience store. It’s a big place with four floors, including the basement. The third and some of the 2nd floor is used for sleeping quarters. We have snipers in every window, Alarm systems, and trying to turn the fences into electric fence. The only way out if we did this would be through the basement. We have plenty of electricity, with having nobody to turn it off and all. All we can do is watch movies. But we do have Internet. I don’t know how but we do. The main living room on the third floor is melee testing and practice room. The second living room is where we relax sit down and watch a movie. Or because there isn’t a lot of people on the internet any more we take the hummer to the laptop store and grab some laptops every now and again if the old ones crash. Richard is our computer specialist. He can hack into the military’s defence system and Firebomb the the area around our building with drones when the Zombies get out of control.

I can’t say the Zombies haven’t broken in before. We’ve lost a couple lives. Before we had 20 women, 20 men, 1 girl, and 1 boy. We stopped and picked up Richard’s friend named Marie so that he would have somebody his age to hang out with. A couple days ago there was a massive attack we lost 5 of each gender. I can’t talk about anymore loss. I need to make myself breakfast. I forgot to before I went outside to see what’s new. I make myself a breakfast of black coffee, bacon, and wild dog. Lately it’s been hard to get a good meal so we’ve started to kill wild dogs. The meat’s actually pretty good. So on and on everyday, until the day we’ve all been afraid of, 6/6/6: The Day of the Devil.
We’re all woken up at 3:33 by the Devil himself. He hates it when we call him Devil.
He says to call him Lucifer. When we said no he almost killed us all. All that was left of us was my best friend Guy, my friend Carol Sinclair, Marie, and Richard. We each escape with two guns. I escape with a KSG 12 and an ACR, Carol escapes with an ak-47 and an PKP Penchang, Marie escapes with a Spas-12 and a M60E4, and Richard escapes with a Famas fully auto and a Dragon’s Breath Spas-12.
We run to the high school down the road on main street. This is where Lucifer is sending his Masters and Familiars in from. If we don’t get there by 7:06 there will be no stopping him. Right now it’s 7:00, we made it on time. The only thing we have to do is dip a cross in holy water and touch him with it he’ll be invulnerable to any weapon. Just as I’m about to stick it to his face from behind he notices me. I’m knocked onto the ground and almost fall into the crack Lucifer came from. Out of nowhere My old friend brandon runs through the door, picks up the cross, and jumps at Lucifer and hits him in the face with it. It molds to his face. He falls over almost falling into the crack himself. I tell Richard to throw me the Dragon’s Breath Spas-12. I run up Lucifer’s body and stand on him and yell, “Damn this!” I shoot him in the face. We decide that since there’s nobody else in the world we decide it’d be cool to see what the Bahama’s like time of year. All I can think on the way to the airport to take a plane is….

I Just killed
the Devil!

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  1. Aydın says:

    Wow, Allen is a tough and cold-hearted guy. He has seen his family get ripped and eaten, he killed his wife to save her from the misery, he killed zombies and demons, and finally the Devil. Your story seems to lack detail at places, but you did good with characters, looks like you did some research on weapons, and put in some good imagination for what the creatures look like. All in all, it’s an interesting story and you should keep writing!

  2. Johnny.Tiggs says:

    Your story looks like one giant paragraph. Put in a couple of spaces to the left of returns. This eliminates bunching. Zombies, zombies everywhere. I don’t know about anybody else but I can’t get enough of them. Thank you. Good luck. :)

  3. velma golden says:

    I liked the story, but you need to put paragraphs in some places, it was all jumbld up as if it was told in one breath. Keep up the good work, take the time to put the story line into more par graphs and you got it made

  4. Thanks, all of you, for the feedback.

  5. Avatar of Amit Amit says:

    thanks for sharing such an interesting story.

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